Global Ambassador Oi Ocha Ito En, Athlete Shohei Ohtani Culturally Drinks Green Tea For Peace And Mental Health

JAKARTA – ITO EN Ltd., the producer of the brand of fresh green tea brand “Oi Ocha” has just appointed Shohei Ohtani, a baseball athlete in Los Angelesmas from Japan as the global ambassador of Oi Ocha ITO EN.

Global athletes Shohei Ohtani introduce the benefits of Japanese green tea throughout the world including Indonesia, where green tea also has benefits in creating good calm for mental health.

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ITO EN President Director, Ltd., Daisuke Honjo, said, lifting Shohei Ohtani was a step by ITO Ocha from ITO EN to introduce Asian green tea, especially Japan, which is beneficial for health. In addition, he said, behind his authentic taste, green tea is more than just a thirst-soaring drink, this drink can also calm down.

“Teh has a high antioxidant content and amino acid L-theaneine, especially found in green tea which can increase concentration and provide relaxation effects without causing drowsiness. Consumption of fresh tea regularly accompanied by healthy living habits such as adequate sleep and regular exercise, can play a role in reducing the general symptoms of anxiety that causes stress and depression,” said Daisuke Honjo, in his statement, Tuesday, June 11.

PT ITO EN Ultrajaya Wholesale as a joint venture of ITO EN in Indonesia also welcomes the initiative to encourage the consumption of fresh tea for everyone at all ages, which can reduce the stress hormone level and its effects that are very good for long-term health.

“Oi Ocha is My Green Tea, My Soul. Every day, there is green tea that reflects my spirit and soul, besides always being my loyal friend. Oi Ocha is also rich in benefits and when accompanied by habit of rest and balanced exercise, green tea can calm my body and mind. I want to share this experience with everyone in the world,” said Shohei Ohtani.

In the future, as Global Ambassador “Oi Ocha” of ITO EN, Shohei Ohtani is preparing a new initiative to spread Japanese tea culture and further contribute to a positive impact through the green tea drink movement with global communities around the world.


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