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Japan requires FFC supplement firms to follow GMP and report adverse cases

Companies which engage contract manufacturers would also need to ensure that these manufacturers are compliant to GMP standards.

The CAA, on the other hand, will conduct onsite inspections at the manufacturing plants. 

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Prior to this, FFC manufacturers were only strongly recommended to follow GMP, but there has been growing interest​ in securing the status. Contract manufacturers, for instance, believe that getting GMP will help acquire more customers, while brand owners believe that doing so will help boost exports.  

Last December, the CAA also conducted a public consultation​ on implementing GMP guidelines for companies making FFC in supplement forms.

On top of making GMP mandatory, the CAA also wants businesses to report cases of adverse health events suspected to be linked to the consumption of their products – even if the actual cause-and-effect relationship is not yet clearly established. 

The cases should also be reported regardless of severity, so long as there is a doctor’s diagnosis involved.

Companies that did not comply or have violated the rules could be banned or suspended.

Speaking to NutraIngredients-Asia, ​Hisaaki Kato, president and founder of consultancy firm Smooth Link (Japan), said that making GMP mandatory to FFC supplement manufacturers was a “very natural” ​progression. 

“I think people are saying that this is a very natural progression, because it has been polled that FFC must follow GMP standards, but at this stage, health foods GMP will be applied to those in the dietary supplement format, like tablets, capsules, powder, and not for those in the processed food format.”

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