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JSHealth Vitamins Founder Jessica Sepel Is Committed to Science-Backed Nutrition

Sepel, a popular Australian nutritionist, founded JSHealth to combat fad dieting with science-backed supplements and guidance

Jessica Sepel has built up a strong global community of hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers who turn to her for best practices and comprehensive information about health and nutrition.

Before founding JSHealth Vitamins in 2018, Sepel, who counts over 500,000 Instagram followers, had already become a certified clinical nutritionist and authored three best-selling books about her philosophy on how to live a healthy life. 

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“My fascination with supplements started in childhood, watching my grandparents and parents take their daily vitamins,” Sepel told Athletech News. “I was captivated by the idea of using them to support wellness. As a teenager, I worked in health food stores and pharmacies, immersing myself in the ingredients and benefits of different formulas. Every product we make really ties back into supporting the JSHealth community to live their very best healthy and balanced life.” 

Jessica Sepel (credit: JSHealth Vitamins)

The first formula Sepel created for JSHealth is now the brand’s bestselling Hair + Energy capsules.

JSHealth sells supplements that address skincare and haircare concerns, as well as more generalized offerings like collagen and protein. Consumers can shop for products based on their goals, such as hormone balance, mental well-being, and gut health. The JSHealth App is also free and provides users with workouts, recipes, vitamin reminders, and more. 

Sepel’s time working in private practice as a nutritionist showed her what was missing in the supplement industry.

“It put me even more in touch with what especially women, were going through health-wise,” she said. “Whatever I hear what the community needs, I set out to create, and overall having this range of targeted formulas is, in a sense, a wonderful accident. It has really been a natural extension of my purpose to make a difference in people’s lives all along.” 

One of JSHealth’s main goals is fighting against fad dieting and unhealthy mindsets toward nutrition.

“With all the marketing hype around quick fixes, it’s easy to get caught up in trends that just don’t deliver,” Sepel noted. “Over 80% of dieters regain all their weight within five years. These cycles of yo-yo dieting can not only be ineffective and backfire in the long run, but they can also damage your relationship with food, leading to stress, guilt, and unhealthy eating patterns.”

Sepel is passionate about the quality of her supplements’ ingredients.

“The first two ingredients are care and science, always,” she said. “We go to great lengths to ensure our supplements contain only the highest quality ingredients and the forms of these ingredients that are backed by research. With this in mind, we source ingredients accordingly, which then go through rigorous testing to ensure strict GMP standards are met. As an Australian brand, we actually have the highest standards worldwide when it comes to supplements.” 

JSHealth Vitamins Founder Jessica Sepel Is Committed to Science-Backed Nutrition
credit: JSHealth Vitamins

Sepel brings her holistic approach to nutrition and wellness to her own daily routine. She believes cultivating a healthy relationship with food and moving away from restrictive diets is the first step toward nutritional success.

“I enjoy a balanced diet and cook all types of foods. I love leafy greens, hearty whole grains, lean proteins such as chicken and salmon, and a rainbow of fruits and vegetables,” she said. “In terms of a daily supplement routine, recognizing and respecting your unique health needs and wellness goals is the cornerstone of creating a routine that works best for you – it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.”

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However, Sepel does take three supplements daily, which she “recommends to anyone who is looking to invest in themselves.”

“These are a quality probiotic, magnesium, and fish oil,” she said.

Sepel also has a daily morning wellness routine that sets her up for success.

“In the mornings, I always spend a few minutes grounding myself for the day ahead by taking deep belly breaths,” she explained. “This helps me feel centered and connected, calming my nervous system. I repeat my favorite positive affirmations, directing my attention to what I am grateful for. Saying things like ‘All is well’ and ‘So grateful for my blessings today,’ which puts me in a good headspace and connects me with a deep sense of gratitude that I carry with me throughout the day.”

“I also try to avoid technology – so no checking of social media, texts or emails – until after I’ve been awake for at least 30-40 minutes,” she added. “This digital detox is the first step towards waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day with a clear mind.”

JSHealth is working towards expanding globally beyond the Australian market. With new product launches on the way, Sepel is excited for the future of the brand.

“We are just continuing on the hustle – because the journey really is the best part,” she said. “We have hit all the milestones – but I am realizing more than ever, that the journey itself is much more satisfying. As a customer-first company, the goal for us is to make JSHealth Vitamins the most trusted wellness brand in the world and to help as many people as we possibly can thrive.”

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