Lose fat and gain muscle: Achieve a more toned physique and boost your metabolism with this best-selling supplement that rebuilds lost muscle mass for a lean look

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One of the challenges we face with aging is the battle against muscle loss, but maintaining a toned physique has proven to be a lot easier for thousands of people who already use this BioTrust Ageless supplement which promises impressive results- without added exercise. 

The age-defying supplement aims to increase, preserve, and support healthy muscle function and works by adding just one scoop of the tasty fruit punch powder into water once a day. If it wasn’t enough that it tastes great and comes highly recommended, you’ll be pleased to know it’s also affordable with prices starting from $29 (down from $49) for a month’s supply on the BioTrust website.

BioTrust’s Ageless Muscle Support supplement is your secret weapon against the muscle loss that happens to everyone as we age.

Just mix a scoop with water or add it to your morning smoothie for a tasty fruit-punch-flavored drink. As it maintains your muscles, your metabolism will increase, you’ll have more energy for activities, and you’ll have less risk of injury or falls.


Muscle loss starts in our 30s and can lead to the shedding of up to 2lbs of muscle mass every year, which can unfortunately turn into weight gain.

But you can be proactive about feeling fitter and firmer thanks to Ageless Muscle which is formed of four active ingredients that includes MyHMB; an amino acid that stimulates muscle protein synthesis while also inhibiting muscle-protein breakdown.

One scoop of Ageless Muscle dissolved in water tastes like fruit punch but includes ingredients like MyHMB, which is an amino acid that inhibits muscle breakdown while helping new cells grow

Combining MyHMB with vitamin D improves muscle size and strength even without exercising. A year-long randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study found combining the two increased lean muscle mass by 133 percent and functional capacity by 400 percent, without even stepping on a treadmill.

Low in calories, high in muscle-building ingredients, Ageless Muscle helps people rebuild lost muscles, so they metabolize food faster

These work alongside creatine in the Ageless Muscle formula to supercharge muscle growth to replace what you’re losing.

Meanwhile, betaine draws water into your muscle cells, keeping them properly hydrated.

Adding just one scoop a day to a glass of water makes Ageless Muscle very easy to insert into your health regime, and if you’re not sold on the results you can return it within 60 days for a full refund

Still not convinced? BioTrust offers a 60-day risk free money back guarantee so there’s nothing to lose from giving it a go, except those stubborn pounds! Head to the BioTrust website now to fix that for less than $1 a day.

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