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My eyelashes were falling out for years

By Published On: June 1, 20242.5 min readViews: 1610 Comments on My eyelashes were falling out for years
A FRUSTRATED beauty lover has found a frugal way to grow her lashes back better.

After struggling with losing their lashes, they were determined to find a cheap way to give them a growth boost.

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A beauty lover is batting their lashes better after finding one inexpensive buy (stock image)Credit: Getty – Contributor

Redditor Mythrowawaypdx shared their secret for upgrading their lash look.

“Take a biotin supplement,” they said.

They explained how the buy had given them eye-popping results.

“My lashes fell out for years,” they said.

“Last year I started using biotin and they are now thick and full,” they continued.

The dramatic difference might not have happened overnight, but they were willing to wait for their “wow” look.

And the inexpensive find helped with more than just their lashes.

“It took five months for me to really notice results, but it’s super inexpensive and worth it for hair, skin, and nail improvements,” they said.

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To get a head start on your own growth attempts, Target sells Biotin Dietary Supplement tablets for just $5.99.

The item is described as supporting “healthy” hair and skin.

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They recommend taking one tablet, containing 5,000 micrograms of biotin, daily.

For the most rejuvenating results, they suggest using the supplement with food.

Biotin can be found in egg yolks, mushrooms, and nuts, according to Healthline.

They explained how biotin, which is also referred to as vitamin H, is part of the group of B complex vitamins.

This vitamin group is known for helping the body convert food into energy.

Effects of biotin

Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is one of the B complex vitamins that helps the body convert food into energy, according to Healthline.

Described as being able to boost nail and hair growth, biotin can be found in foods including mushrooms, egg yolks, nuts, whole grains, cauliflower, bananas, and organ meats, such as liver.

Target sells Biotin Dietary Supplement tablets for $5.99.

They recommend taking one tablet daily with food.

Aside from helping to grow hair, biotin can also have medical benefits.

It is used to help keep the eyes and nervous system healthy.

Many women also rely on biotin during pregnancy to help promote embryonic growth.

They recommend reaping the benefits of biotin from either raw or less-processed versions of those foods containing the ingredient, such as whole grains and organ meats, including liver.

While supplements are an alternative method, they explained that biotin tablets aren’t currently monitored by the FDA.

Her secret to longer lashes included taking biotin – Target sells affordable biotin tablets for just under six bucksCredit: Target

Other Redditors shared their own lash growth tips.

“Jamaican black castor oil,” said one user.

“I just add my moisturizer on my lashes. I will cover my face in my Cerave and go over my lashes real fast,” wrote another.

“It could be genetic, but my lashes are pretty long,” they added.

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