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Woman who had hormonal issues says common supplements cured her acne & made her topical creams work even better

A DIETARY supplement transformed the appearance of one woman’s acne-prone skin when used alongside topical treatments.

She inspired other people to consider if their skin concerns were related to nutritional deficiencies.

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A beauty enthusiast took to Reddit to reveal how she cured her acne (stock image)Credit: Getty

She took to Reddit’s Skincare Addiction forum in response to a user asking for go-to hacks.


Posting under the handle PuzzleheadedLaw6571, the Redditor raved about the acne treatment she can’t live without. 

“Vitamin D supplement,” she said.

“My acne has completely disappeared except for the occasional spot before my period. 

“I got bloodwork done and found I was deficient in Vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium. 

“Apparently this is common.

“Ironically it’s also made my period 10x better (I’m a female and struggled with hormonal issues after going off BC [birth control]).

“I also use topical treatments such as tretinoin and clindamycin which had some improvements but are great paired with the supplements.”

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The beauty fan said she suffered from migraines before discovering that she had a vitamin D deficiency. 

She revealed that she also takes other dietary supplements.

“I had to take it paired with vitamin K to make sure it absorbed properly,” she said. 

“I took Vitamin D3 without vitamin K for a while and didn’t see much improvement in my skin but my bloodwork levels improved.

“Adding zinc and magnesium helped as well, so I don’t think it was the Vitamin D alone, but a mixture of everything.”

Many people up-voted the Redditor’s post as they were eager to improve their own skin condition.  

What is tretinoin?

According to Healthline, tretinoin is a synthetic vitamin A topical treatment for acne and sun-damaged skin.

Research suggests it may reduce inflammation and improve skin texture.

The prescription-strength cream should be applied 30 minutes after the face has been washed and dried.


Life Extension’s Vitamins D and K with Sea-Iodine capsules cost $18 at Walmart

Customers have given it an impressive 4.9-star rating out of a possible 5.

Tretinoin and clindamycin are often sold at pharmacies.

According to Medical News Today, painful pimples or cysts may appear on the skin when follicles become blocked.

Acne is most common in men, adolescents, and people taking androgen hormones, but anyone can get it.

Studies have also shown that people with vitamin D deficiency are likely to have acne.

Vitamin D can reduce the risk of certain diseases, regulate mood, and help bone development.

Tuna, egg yolks, and beef liver are among the foods that are naturally high in vitamin D.

Experts recommend having a doctor check vitamin D levels before taking supplements.

Research shows people with acne are likely to have a vitamin D deficiency (stock image)Credit: Getty

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