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Gold Price Forecast: Bullish Momentum Points to Potential Record Highs

Strong Bullish Momentum Indicated

This week’s bullish breakout may be the beginning of a run that sees gold reach new record highs. The last record high was set in December at 2,135. It is off to a good start with this week’s price action. Clearly, upward momentum has improved as represented by today’s wide range green candle and likely strong close. Gold broke out of a bullish hammer candlestick bottom two weeks ago on the weekly chart, providing a solid beginning to this rally.

Next Higher Target is $2,100

The next higher price target above today’s high is up around 2,100. At that point a rising ABCD pattern completes. Symmetry between the two swings in the pattern, the AB leg, and the CD leg, will match at that point. Nevertheless, that is the first target from the pattern. Given the likelihood of still higher prices there is a good chance that the target will be exceeded. The 127.2% ABCD pattern target will then be at 2,138, awfully close to the prior record high.

New High Target Zone: 2,189 to 2,192

Since yesterday’s breakout, however, an eventual target derived from the symmetrical triangle becomes more likely. That target is around 2,189 and marked on the chart. What is interesting is what happens when we look at the two sharp rallies that occurred before the three-month consolidation pattern. Each of the rallies saw an advance of over 10%.

The first was 11% and the second 10.5%. If the current rally matches a 10.5% advance, which would make sense given the previous rallies, gold would be hitting approximately 2,192. That is a very close match to the triangle target. When two methods identify a similar target, that target zone takes on greater potential significance.

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